immigrants and secrets

English classes in the midst of making copies and running and translating. Rushed words and mistaken conjugations. Two sweet girls just trying to survive middle school, survive between cultures, and survive adult problems. I didn’t realize that Kayla was crying behind her thick glasses and her long dark hair. ¿Que pasa? What’s wrong?  Her friend asked […]

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Riding around in the back seat of Zarco’s (our security guard) car everything felt so new and exciting. We stopped to get gas and I marveled at how someone came and pumped it for us. I stared out the window with no idea where we were. I babbled in English. Even the most ordinary things felt exciting. I […]

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even christians are broken

How can you be a Christian and vote Democratic?  How can you be a Christian and vote Republican?  How can you believe the Bible and think about race or immigration in that way?  How can you love God and not protest with us in the street?  Most of us have heard or read these questions. […]

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