venturing into the messy middle

I spent a couple of early morning hours standing on the side of the street in a part of town where you might click the lock button inside your car as you stop at a red light. One word floated in my head as I began the five minute drive home along a badly paved road towards the corner where you begin to see the landscaped flower beds.  


My husband had been t-boned at an intersection. It was a stressful start to his first full day at a new teaching job just around the corner. He pulled to the side of the road unsure how they would resolve this. He was afraid that the man would be angry and full of blame, but he wasn’t. Then, a woman stopped her car and offered to stay and be a witness. She was willing to be inconvenienced to help another person. 

As I watched the 7am hustle, I saw something so different than what I see five minutes down the road.


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