even christians are broken

How can you be a Christian and vote Democratic? 
How can you be a Christian and vote Republican? 
How can you believe the Bible and think about race or immigration in that way? 
How can you love God and not protest with us in the street? 
Most of us have heard or read these questions.
Why are we so quick to attack their most personal parts, their deep identity, their spirituality? We are so quick to attack what so many are willing to die for?
Where is the unity in that?
Surly everyone has a reason for believing what they do however reasonable or irrational it may be.
Can we really bring change through insult? Can we open closed eyes to the beauty of reconciliation through attack?
I’ve felt anger and frustration run through me when I heard some of these phrases said. I’ve also felt ashamedly superior as I have said others.
It seems that the intersection of politics and religion is everygrowingly divided and no one wants to listen to the other side. Christians can seem mean and unmoving on both sides. I have been called both a liberal and a conservative in the same week.
Just like everyone else, I have my own passions and opinions.
Lately, however, I am battling cynicism.
battling with how to love
battling with how to fight
battling with how to advocate
battling with who to believe
Just like everyone else, Christians are deeply broken people. We are sometimes wrong and sometimes selfish. We are blinded by our own experiences. We sometimes see through the lense of culture rather than through the lens of God.
And we are all just trying to figure things out– trying to figure out how our stories support the bigger story of our cities, our countries, our world, and of eternity.
As difficult of a feat as it is, I am seeking to tell stories, to advocate from love rather than superiority, to speak truth rather than manipulation, and to listen a whole lot more.

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